Stress Relief at the Workplace
Improve Productivity, Performance and Positive Attitude!

Choose Yoga or Fitness or a Combination of both! See rates below.

Kurt Kennedy
"I would certainly recommend yoga 
and specifically this program as a great way 
to provide opportunities for your employees 
to be healthier, happier and more successful 
in their jobs."   
Kurt Kennedy, COMCAST Spotlight-Denver 
"Thanks so much for offering a truly unique program. Your evaluations are always excellent, so I know people are having fun." 
Celia Curtis, Public Programs Manager, Denver Botanic Gardens
"Office Yoga with AnitaYoga makes us smile!" ~ Ellen Hall, CatEye Bicycle

This Spring/Summer:
Try 1 Day of Yoga & 1 Day of Meditation~
6 wk Investment $900
6 mo Investment $535/mo
1 yr Investment   $475/mo

Meditation/Guided Visualization
Clear your mind by taking time to breathe. We focus on controlled breath with guided meditation and visualization. Little to no postures involved. This is mainly a seated class. Everyone can sit & breathe!

Yoga Stretch Hour
Yoga is about working hard sensitively, so that you feel good. We work with energizing postures emphasizing strength and flexibility for all levels and abilities.  This class helps improve the cardiovascular system and muscular strength while relaxing the mind. 

New Clients Get 6 weeks for $660 
Refer a Client and Save

Format: Health Seminar

Hydrate for Health, Performance, Mental Clarity
According to a a study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition:
Hydration in the work place is a specific concern because dehydration can affect productivity, safety, cost, and morale. Make Water the key to improving brain function & health.
We'll offer the option for your team to consume high alkaline and anti-oxidant rich water for 21 Days and see and feel the difference.
We implement an ionized Alkaline water generator in the break-room (or designated area) to encourage adequate and cellular hydration for improved performance and brain function.
Alkaline water improves cellular health, function, mental clarity while gently removing toxins from the body. We provide an Enagic water generator. It is the top of the line on the market today. And likely if you're paying for a water service already, this water system is far less expensive.

Cost includes:
-       Hydration Education
-       How antioxidants work in the body & why they’re important
-       How to improve antioxidant levels

-       Education about the Anti-oxidant making water generator & technology
-       Water Machine on site for 21 Days
-       21-Day Hydrate to Health Challenge (optional)
-       Option for Company to keep the machine

No Cost: to employees drinking the water who do ‘not’ participate in the challenge

Added Value:
-       This helps promote or support your current program(s) and a change in beverage habits
-       Offers a tangible mark to inspire participation in your company developed Health Challenge(s)
-       A highly effective indicator and motivator to start, continue or improve one’s health
-       Instant feedback following your company lead wellness/nutrition programs
-       A look at the ‘state’ of your employees health for insurance premium purposes if needed

*Note: The water machine we use are used and endorsed by doctors.  The Enagic water machine is considered a medical device and used in hospitals throughout Japan and in holistic and alternative therapy centers nationwide.