Sunday, November 2

BODY: YOGA+PLANTS starts Nov 3!

The Denver Botanic Gardens has a new twist on plants. It's debuting BODY: Yoga+Plants starting Mondays, on Nov. 3 through Dec. 8. Anita Yoga has created a 6-week curriculum that will take students through a yoga class with postures focusing on specific energy centers (Chakras) each week and pairing that physical tune-up with a vibrational one using plants (herbs, flower essences and essential oils. The Denver Botanic Gardens recognizes that plants have a direct and significant effect on the body for overall well being. AnitaYoga is simply offerig you the opportunity to experience it. Check it out! The class is every Monday night starting tomorrow thru Dec. 8.

Thursday, August 21

NEW THIS FALL: Yoga+Raw Food Intensive

September 21
Yoga+Raw Food Intensive
Vital Yoga - Highlands Studio
Investment $75

Register today! Call 303-477-8545 or 303-316-8265
(SEE: Details below)

AnitaYoga collaborates with Vital Yoga for this amazing offering designed to nourish your body inside and out.

Yoga+Raw Food Intensive
is specifically designed so you can physically experience high energy, maintain balance and clarity; strength and optimal fortification through mindful selection of foods, when you're 'off' the mat!

Regina Zwilling will take you through a two-hour powerful practice. This session is designed to prepare your body for the nutritional experience of pure living foods at work in your body. Postures
will rinse your body free of toxins preparing it for heightened absorption of nutrition.

Anita Lopez will lead you through an insanely fun and interactive introduction to the lifestyle of Organic, Raw (Living) food cuisine. Here you'll discover and experience
the power of proper fortification in your body. You'll learn how easy, fast and tasty a living food diet can be easily assimilated into your daily lifestyle.

This is a commitment to YOU and for YOU.

Students participating in the Yoga+Raw Food Intensive
must be fully hydrated before class.

Upon waking, drink 16 oz. of lemon water before eating aything.
We suggest drinking up to 32 oz. of lemon water
1 hr prior to the practice.
No caffeine, No sugar, No salt on this day.
No dairy or soy.
Eat something easily digestible 1 hr. before class
Oatmeal, fruit, herbal tea, smoothie or shake.
Breakfast should not include any hard to digest foods or proteins (do a smoothie).
The intent is to have your digestive system fairly clear and under-worked
this day.

IF you must have caffeine, please substitute having chai tea, or yerba mate.
We highly recommend you further prepare your body the day prior by
drinking lemon water throughout your day. Approx. 8oz. every two hours.
It will help pre-flush out your system and toxins and help you adjust to
the non-caffeine morning. Come experience your true being fully! You'll leave smiling and thank us that you did. :)

Saturday, August 16

AnitaYoga! relocates to Denver

AnitaYoga! has moved its headquarters from Boulder to Denver. As on-site yoga classes are now part of our corporate culture it just makes sense. AnitaYoga! is the choice among Denver's top businesses who recognize the importance of offering yoga classes at work as part of an employee benefit and/or wellness program. AnitaYoga! is still serving Boulder.

AnitaYoga! teams up with Denver Botanic Gardens and Vital Yoga

AnitaYoga! presents Special Workshops on:

BODY: Yoga+Plants
at the Denver Botanic Gardens

NOVEMBER 3 - DECEMBER 8 (6 course series)


Commit to your body inside and out!

Yoga+Plants series with Denver Botanic Gardens
The Denver Botanic Gardens debuts it’s first ever Body class with AnitaYoga! Plants have a direct and beneficial effect on the body. This six-series course combines Yoga & Plants for those interested in learning about lifeforce (Prana) and the interplay between plants and the human body. We’ll discover yoga postures with a focus on the different energy centers (Chakras) in the body each week. You will take home therapeutic grade essential oils, make your own flower essences and medicinal teas. You will learn how your energy is affected by breath, posture and the plants you see, smell, touch, eat, and drink. Come take a journey up and through the energy centers that feed our inner being.

November 3 - December 8
6:30-8:30 pm (every Monday)

Full series: $264 member, $294 non-member.

$48 class member $55 non-member Sign Up today:

or see:

Thursday, January 10

Boulder Swimming YOGAs to Enhance Performance

Boulder Swimming ( is incorporating Yoga into it's dry-land training (the training OUT of the water). Head Coach Jim Richey wants AnitaYoga101 to help his Senior group strengthen their core and stretch out the over utilize muscle groups for better body balance and performance in the water. Anita Lopez will start today to work with the group once a week after swim practice.

Cutting Edge Sports & AnitaYoga offers Yoga for Cyclists