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A Workshop that'll forever change your Life, your Work, and your Health

"No CEO can afford to miss this. Any Manager, Employee, Parent, or Individual will reap amazing results, FAST!"

This simple and applicable program, is designed and scientifically proven to transform the way in which an individual leads, works, lives and plays. 

This is an off-site 3-Day Program that'll truly improve the way one functions, by ridding common dis-orders or dis-ease. (the things out of order in the body, for example... or ill at ease in the mind)

If performance at work is what you want to improve, Sign up today. If improved health is what you need, Sign up Today. If you are stressed out and need to re-balance for clarity, Sign up Today.

Here's the gist:

1. Any disease or disorder is formed due to the imbalance of the electro magnetic field in the body
2. The Electro magnetic field is made of Yin and Yang
  • Yin is the magnetic field
  • Yang is the electric current
3. The Human body has an automatic process to keep the electro magnetic field always balanced through alternate breathing of both nostrils
  • Breathing is PRANA (lifeforce)
  • Breathing is effected by events, thoughts and emotions
  • Emotions have motion. It is the language of your Spirit or Soul
  • Emotions travel through your body
i.e. If you are angry with high voltage anger, in which your whole body is vibrating and you try to stop the flow (hold it in) where does it go? It is stored in the body and a specific organ is affected. You are then continuously angry (whether you feel it or not), and it disturbs your breathing and your electro magnetic field PERMANENTLY.
Your electro magnetic field then finds another point of balance in your body, which is not healthy.  It is out of order or not at ease... hence in dis-ease.
And this is how disease or disorder is formed.  
This workshop will work to unravel those knots. You can't afford not to attend.

Limited participation. To pre-book, please call: 720-220-8686
Dates and Locations TBD