Thursday, December 13


is...One on One Yoga just for you.

offers individualized Yoga classes designed to suit your body's needs and your time schedule! We help ensure that the time you spend is optimized for the benefit for your body, mind and spirit.

AnitaYoga offers the following options:
Sport recovery/Enhancement
Power Yoga
Vinyasa (Flow)
Guided meditation
101 Series: A Basic Introduction (set of 5)

We recognize everybody... every Body is unique. How your body responds to:
- what you do in your day
- what physical exertions and demands you endure
- what your body needs
- how you are biologically and structurally designed
....all contribute to how YOU feel and how your body adapts and renews itself.

Our private sessions help set you up for success by teaching you body awareness and alignment specific to your structure. These are tools you can take and apply no matter where you choose to practice, or what style of Yoga you prefer.

Wednesday, December 12

AnitaYoga! Recognizes every BODY is Unique. Tune into Yours!


I discovered yoga 20 years ago when I was racing bikes. It served as a recovery tool and allowed me to discover my abilities beyond the burning muscles and lungs. I've been practicing yoga (Pranayama) through breathing since I was 13, in which it has helped me in sports, stressful situations and keeping focus and balance in my day no matter what I am doing. Now I can share my experience and body knowledge with you for your benefit! Years of racing in triathlons and marathons and working in a high demanding job as a TV reporter brought me back to what I love: Yoga. I choose to work individually, knowing each and every one of you has a body that will respond differently. My attention to you and as a former athlete allows me to provide the utmost quality attention and attunement possible. Enjoy your day... and your health!