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BODY OPTIMAL Classes and Workshops

·      Join Anita Lopez, Athlete, International Yoga instructor and Living Foods educator for challenging and inspiring Yoga, Optimal (body) Performance tips, & nutrition & hydration awareness for essential and transformational health.

Hydrate for Health
Yoga h2O special 120 min class offering
Optimal Body Function
Expect  to find yourself in a pool of sweat!

We start off with TESTING your current hydration level in your body! You will see POST-class how your hydration levels actually increase w/ cellular hydration. And you will FEEL how your body responds to postures.

·     We offer you super-hydration with pure, mineral rich and easily assimilated ionized water so your muscles can open up easily. Then we wring you out! Expect lots of twists and sustained postures. The intention throughout class is to drink often. This is a gently heated class for an effective and comprehensive body experience.
·     Yoga h2O is offered based on the Scientific fact that the key to Optimal Health and Mental function is Hydration. Whether you are a child, adult, professional athlete, or simply want to boost your immune system, anti-aging ability and sustain energy. This is an all-body boost you can do any time, or incorporate regularly.
·     Participants can bring a gallon (up to 3) container to take home the special filtered water to further help flush out the body. 80% of the body is water. Our cells bathe in it. Illness cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Our mission is to create inner body health.
·     Premium Class Investment: $45 pre-sign up required; Minimum 10 students (local); 15 students (nationwide) Full BIA TESTING* (Bio Impedence Analysis) available for additional $12

Detox & Restore
Detox Yoga special class offering
Category: Optimal Digestion
·      3 Days of Detox Yoga*
·      Cleanse your Body & Mind so your Spirit can Soar!
·      This is an intention-based class combined with postures to effectively wring out toxins, negative energy and mind clutter. We open up the body to allow digestive recovery and the return to your true nature of perfect health and optimal function!
·      This can be a single 120min class or three 90-minute classes for 3 days.
·      Students decide their own 3-day journey through Suggested Menus, Food options and a take-home curriculum. They’ll learn optimal body performance tips, and hydration awareness.
·      The focus is to re-instate an alkaline environment in the body. Students get 2 gallons of anti-oxidant and mineral rich, pure, alkaline water to help rejuvenate at a cellular level and rapidly flush out toxins.
·      Investment: Single Premium Class $55  3 Day Detox  $111 pre-sign up required; Minimum 11 students (local) 15 students (nationwide)

Juice Cleanse
3-Day Amazing Juice Cleanse special offering
Category: Optimal Nutrition
·      3 Days of Yoga and Optimal Body Nutrition.
·      This is the ultimate body rejuvenator
·      Imagine 3 days of insanely powerful nutrient support for Breakfast and Lunch. You’ll get all Organic, Raw, freshly juiced meals to replenish your body with the highest quality fortification. Begin each morning with an energizing, yet restorative Yoga class designed to prepare the body to readily absorb the nutrient dense juices.
·      You receive 2 gallons daily of Kangen Water: pure, healing and longevity producing alkaline water to help you stay energized, anti-oxidize, and speed the detoxification process while supplying muscles immediate hydration and recovery.
·      Special Guest Speaker: Bryan Mineo, PT, Personal Trainer, Athlete
·      Investment: $350 for 3 Days early registration $300 pre-sign up required; Minimum 11 students (CO); Min 15 students (Nationwide)
Optional Investment: Full BIA Testing* (Bio Impedence Analysis) pre/post workshop $25 per person.

True Yoga
Chakra Clearing & Balancing
Category: Optimal Energy
90 min special class offering
·      Learn the Chakras aka Energy centers of the body.
·      This class takes the physical practice of Yoga and combines it with the use of the lifeforce (prana) around you. We’ll use flower essences, medicinal herbs and aromatherapy to help connect the body, mind & spirit.
·      The practice includes sound (chanting) for vibrational/chakra clearing, pranayama, for the mind, and corresponding postures to reset and balance the body’s energy centers.
·      Healing, restructured-ionized water will be available for optimizing the body’s ability to cleanse, hydrate and balance internally.
·      Premium Class Investment: $35 pre-sign up required. Minimum 11 students (local) 15 students (nationwide)

Yoga for Athletes
Yoga for Athletes 120 min special class offering
Category: Optimal Body Performance
·      Tune in and tune up!
·      Learn sport specific postures for running, cycling and swimming.
·      This special sequence of postures enhance the body mechanics and recovery of all athletes: recreational, weekend warriors and elite competitors. While Every BODY is designed the same, we use it or push it to different extremes. The basic principle of these classes is to create balance in the body: to open the parts of the body that get too tight and over worked, opening and lengthening the muscles so they can perform properly when you need them to.  Enhance flexibility, strength and recovery. We’ll also infuse you with micro-clustered, restructured-ionized Kangen water for immediate hydration to the muscles, rapid recovery and removal of lactic, uric &  acid build up.
  Premium Class Investment: $55 pre-sign up required. Minimum 11 students (local) 15 students (nationwide) Full BIA Testing* (Bio Impedence Analysis) available for additional $12

 *With the Optional BIA Test, we will show you, your: 
BMI (Body Mass Index)
Body Fat %
Total Body Water % ((Your hydration level!!))
Muscle Mass - (Weight of muscle in body)
Metabolic Age -  (Calculated age associated with your BMR)
Bone Mass - (Amount of bone in body in lbs)
Visceral Fat -  (Fat surrounding vital organs)