Tuesday, January 6

ZAMU: The Superfood Drink

The word on ZAMU. Buzz Lightyear said it best: “To infinity and beyond.”

The lastest nutritional beverage to hit the mass market is going to make you fly, if not soar. I’m serious.That is the sensation you may feel just moments after having a sip of this botanical infusion. As for myself… well, I’ll keep it clean and say it is one of the most pleasureable, eurphoric sensations you can physically, legally experience… no age limit required. Zamu rhymes with Camu. And it is the Camu berry, the major superfood ingredient in this drink, that provides the ‘happy’ feeling. Camu contains the highest content of concentrated vitamin C on the planet, so there’s no doubt your serotonin levels will shoot up instantly, lifing your mood, and creating a happy if not euphoric disposition while enhancing clarity of the mind and boosting your immune system. Wow!

Zamu, is produced by the well-respected Amazon Herb Company whose profits largely sustain the livliehood of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon, as well as works to keep the Rainforest from loggers. The company has been around for more than 20 years, but this is the first time it’s developed a nutraceutical you can drink right out of a bottle. Order Zamu Now

Zamu is an infusion of the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest’s magical healing powers. I contains a clever combination of delicious, nutritious and healh fortifying plants: pineapple, mango, acai berries, sangre de drago and cinnamon. Each one of these herbs or fruits is 100% USDA Certified Organic nurtured and grown in the most fortified soil on Earth. There is not a health ailment that is not addressed in this sweet elixir. Kids love it. Moms can’t live without it and anyone from athletes to computer geeks are finding that the secrets of the Amazon, may well indeed be in a wine bottle. Go ahead, intoxicate your health. Feeling fantastic is a good thing.

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