Wednesday, December 15

FREE Yoga in 2011

*Attn: Small to Mid-Size Companies*


We are always is looking for some small to mid-sized companies who would like to try Yoga at Work.

Just say Yes! and you'll get 4-Free weeks of Yoga onsite up to twice a week!

How it works:
You get to sample some Yoga and participate in a Hydrate for Health Challenge. All you need to do is agree to give AnitaYoga feedback & testimonials about any improvements you and your staff experience through yoga or optimal hydration.

Optional Win-Win Promo
Want help getting the word out about your company and/or product(s)? AnitaYoga welcomes enthusiastic, environmentally conscious and health-minded companies to collaborate with for mutually benefit.
During your trial Using the various Social networks we can @mention your company and you do the same for us.

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