Wednesday, May 25

Reboot in 3 Minutes While Never Leaving the Desk

Reboot Your Brain & Body
In this inspiring talk, you will

Learn How to:
  • relieve neck and shoulder stress
  • refresh tired eyes
  • relieve lower and total back pain
  • manage carpal tunnel syndrome
  • boost your energy and brain function
  • Plus other desk tricks for a quick 'pick me up'
all in a matter of minutes!

This is an Interactive, Fun and Effective talk offered by Anita Lopez, Corporate Yoga Instructor, and Former 9News Anchor.

The talk is both motivational as a useful and instructive tool to boost productivity.

Not everyone can or chooses to take the yoga class even if it's offered by your company.

But everyone at some point in their day, particularly after lunch, can experience headache, tired eyes, a stiff neck or tight shoulders, or simply fatigue.

All these symptoms come from static postures: sitting at a desk, staring at the computer, typing, answering phones and or simply NOT moving enough to keep the blood flowing and the brain charged. It's due to lack of Oxygen, which is slowed down when engaging in sedentary postures.
We can help you learn how take care of that.

Unlimited participants


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