Wednesday, December 12

AnitaYoga! Recognizes every BODY is Unique. Tune into Yours!


I discovered yoga 20 years ago when I was racing bikes. It served as a recovery tool and allowed me to discover my abilities beyond the burning muscles and lungs. I've been practicing yoga (Pranayama) through breathing since I was 13, in which it has helped me in sports, stressful situations and keeping focus and balance in my day no matter what I am doing. Now I can share my experience and body knowledge with you for your benefit! Years of racing in triathlons and marathons and working in a high demanding job as a TV reporter brought me back to what I love: Yoga. I choose to work individually, knowing each and every one of you has a body that will respond differently. My attention to you and as a former athlete allows me to provide the utmost quality attention and attunement possible. Enjoy your day... and your health!

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Anonymous said...

how long have you done yoga?