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Denver Post mentions Anita Lopez aka ANITAYOGA

Parker: Post-injury, ex-9Newsie reinvented as Anita Yoga
By Penny Parker
Denver Post Columnist
Posted: 03/04/2010 01:00:00 AM MST

It's been six years since Latina lovely Anita Lopez delivered headlines of the day from the KUSA-9News anchor desk.

The former weekend anchor split from the station after two serious injuries left her no longer able to sit in a chair for the length of the newscast.

She went to a handful of doctors for relief from the chronic spinal pain, then she turned to prescription drugs.

"For 18 months, I went through traditional physical therapies — traction, massage, strength training," Lopez said. "But none of my doctors were talking to each other."

So pills killed the pain.

Her "aha" moment occurred while watching the Rush Limbaugh prescription-drug- abuse story unfold on CNN.

"I immediately went to the medicine cabinet and realized I was taking more painkillers than Rush did," Lopez said.

After a grueling seven-day detox fast, she traded the pills for yoga — a practice she once embraced but abandoned.

Determined to stay drug- and pain-free, Lopez took two yoga classes six to seven days a week. She turned her newfound passion into a new profession.

Lopez — her business name is Anita Yoga — specializes in corporate classes where she goes into a company and teaches a class once or more a week for a 12-week session. The cost is $55 per class, covered by the company, employee or a combination of both.

Also starting next week, you can catch Anita Yoga Quick Fix on Comcast's On Demand under the health-and-fitness category. They're three- to six-minute minisessions concentrating on one part of the body. She also offers private classes. More info:

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