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Hydrate for Sport Performance and Perfect Health

Your body is mainly Water. So it makes sense, that the quality of water you put in it, has a significant effect.

Plus, the better you're hydrated, the more effective you can function. When it comes to an athlete, Water makes a world of Difference: from your performance, recovery, & muscle soreness just to name a few.

Here's an excerpt from Wade Lightheart's book, What Everybody Athlete Needs To Know About Kangen Water ™. A Report by Wade T. Lightheart CSNA. Discover how 3-Time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion

Kangen Water has changed the possibilities for numerous athletes.

Marathoners are running better times than when they were 20.
Hockey players are coming off the ice with no body aches. Gymnasts are more
flexible. Even weekend warriors are getting better muscle definition with less

There are numerous effects that Kangen Water can provide for muscular movement,
performance and flexibility. Every breath you take, every time a muscle
contracts, there are metabolic acids that are produced, such as lactic and
pyruvic acid. The presence of these acids creates a burning sensation in the
muscle, muscle fatigue and muscle weakness. This prevents further exertion of
the muscle until recovery takes place.

The more water that you have available in the tissues, the easier it is for
these acids to be removed from the muscle tissue. This can hasten recovery time
and lessen micro scar tissue and weakness from the metabolic acids. When this
water is Kangen Water, then the higher alkalinity will reduce acidic residue
even further and faster, with less possibility of injury. Athletes and trainers
know that even small changes in pH can really affect performance, because
muscles do their best work in a very narrow pH range. This is why when
metabolites lower pH muscle function is reduced and the production of ATP energy
is also reduced. So the more acidity that is present, the less muscles can
contract. Even the electrical stimulus necessary for peak performance drops

The important thing to know is that just because an athlete is fit, doesn't mean
he's healthy.
In fact, many athletes suffer from chronic injury, inflammatory
disorders, even early cancer. The high level of metabolic acids chronically
present in muscle tissue could be a strong factor. Combining Kangen alkaline
water with an alkaline-dense diet is the answer. By increasing alkalinity and
reducing acidic byproducts, the body's buffering systems can work more
efficiently and effectively. Getting away from the high-protein, high carb,
energy bar, sports drinks pattern and turning to more fruits, vegetables, whole
grains and nuts can be more than food, they can be therapy.

The super hydration that is the hallmark of restructured Kangen Water makes
performance amazing. Electrical signaling is lightening fast, more oxygen gets
to the cell increasing VO2 max and acidic waste that is often stored in fat
cells is easily removed. And this type of hydration is unique because it reaches
every cell. Hydration drinks used by athletes have high levels of acidity, which
rob the body of alkalinizing minerals and steal vital calcium from bones,
cartilage and tissues. The restructuring of the water also means it is absorbed
into tissues faster than any other type of water. And all the minerals are
already present in the water and in a form that every cell has access to.

Wade Lightheart came back after several years of retirement from body-building
to win the Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Championship. He has written a book
about his experience with Kangen Water and has said that within days of drinking
the water, he lost a significant amount of body fat and was able to train more
than double his peak volume levels with no pain, no fatigue and no inflammation.


The pH of your body determines much of what goes on inside the cell and in the
extra cellular fluid known as the lymphatic system. Delayed onset muscle
soreness (DOMS) is caused by the shift in pH levels within and outside the cell.
When lactic acid builds up so much that the pH of the cell shifts, the
electrical transmissions slow down and you do not get the same kind of
Many athletes experience this as “hitting the wall” or as a drop in peak
Look at a sprinter, for example. In a 100 meter ��inal, his speedwill peak
somewhere around 60 to 70 meters. At that point, he’s exercising in the
anaerobic state – not enough oxygen is reaching the muscles to produce energy
In the anaerobic state, stored carbohydrates (glycogen) in the muscles are
burned for fuel, producing so much lactic acid his muscles
don’t work as efficiently. He can’t go any further at that topspeed.
The same thing happens with a distance runner. If he goes too far into the
anaerobic phase, his muscles begin burning stored
carbohydrates for fuel, which produces more lactic acid and his performance
starts to drop. It’s important to train, eat the right pre-competition meal, and
drink the right fluids to maintain appropriate balance during
the event, and to efficiently clear the lactic acid out of the system after the

How well an athlete’s body handles lactic acid determines how quickly they can
get back into training and compete again.
“Endurance and elite sports athletes should be concerned about maintaining
health pH balance,” says Robert Burns, PhD. He notes that lactic acid build up
or hydrogen ion excess is of most concern. As the body metabolizes
food, acid waste is created which must be removed or neutralized through the
lungs, kidneys (urine) and skin. “pH balance and acid buffering are crucial to
human health and slowing the aging process,” he explains. Athletes,
coaches and practitioners of holistic and traditional medicine are paying more
attention to this area. “We may be able to buffer or slow the negative effects
that acidosis has on athletes as well as the many disparate maladies
that share acidosis as a common thread,” he concludes.
Given the kind of training loads you need to perform to achieve your goal –
whether you are a weekend athlete, amateur athlete or a professional athlete –
recovery time is very important.

Some athletes resort to using anabolic steroids or drugs to improve their
recovery time so they can train harder, more frequently and get better results.
That’s what restructured ionized water allows you to do – naturally!

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