Saturday, August 16

AnitaYoga! teams up with Denver Botanic Gardens and Vital Yoga

AnitaYoga! presents Special Workshops on:

BODY: Yoga+Plants
at the Denver Botanic Gardens

NOVEMBER 3 - DECEMBER 8 (6 course series)


Commit to your body inside and out!

Yoga+Plants series with Denver Botanic Gardens
The Denver Botanic Gardens debuts it’s first ever Body class with AnitaYoga! Plants have a direct and beneficial effect on the body. This six-series course combines Yoga & Plants for those interested in learning about lifeforce (Prana) and the interplay between plants and the human body. We’ll discover yoga postures with a focus on the different energy centers (Chakras) in the body each week. You will take home therapeutic grade essential oils, make your own flower essences and medicinal teas. You will learn how your energy is affected by breath, posture and the plants you see, smell, touch, eat, and drink. Come take a journey up and through the energy centers that feed our inner being.

November 3 - December 8
6:30-8:30 pm (every Monday)

Full series: $264 member, $294 non-member.

$48 class member $55 non-member Sign Up today:

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